For every section of reality, there are multiple different, sometimes conflicting semantic systems to describe them – humans need to abstract from and categorize reality. Navigating these different versions of how things are presented to us is one of the big challenges in a postmodern world. In a way, this is represented in my paintings through different layers of abstraction that coexist in the same work. The textile interventions are part of this system of trying to make sense of conflicting information – they're an extension of the modes of expression available, they add another layer of abstraction. Often, fine art is being separated from the semiotic systems of other aesthetic practices.

However, there’s so much meaning and information - beyond usefulness - transported through the aesthetic of textile techniques, and an immense potential in layering these with the information systems inherent in traditionally artistic techniques such as painting or drawing. My intention is to extend the spectrum of what I can express through combining both.

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